Susan Olsen Orpilla grew up in a tiny town in the woods of Northern Maine. After her mother passed, she spent her teen years and most of her adult life in the melting pot of Central Massachusetts. Susan has also lived on the island of St. Croix and in Mississippi. She currently resides in Massachusetts and has raised a daughter and son, who like their mother, have chosen entrepreneurial pursuits. 

With family obligations as a priority, Susan persevered 23 years to finally graduate from college Summa Cum Laude with a B.A. in Leadership & Organizational Studies. With years of comprehensive experience in leadership development, personnel/interpersonal relationships, and training experience with both non-profits and large corporations, Susan designs and delivers interactive experiences to resolve challenges and bring out the best in you/your organization. Utilizing relevant and practical information and techniques. Susan crafts individualized speeches, workshops, and coaching tailored to the needs of your organization or personal life. Some of the topics covered are: becoming a leader that people want to follow, taking back control of your time (and ultimately your life/career/organization), creating healthy relationships and a unified business culture, effective listening and communication, organizing your work space/home for function and comfort, as well as issues in hoping, coping, and forgiveness. Contact Susan to empower joy in your life and organization!